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Sat Broadband Narrows Rural Divide

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DateFriday, May 01, 2009


Eutelsat Communications, a European satellite communications provider, has launched its revolutionary new Tooway consumer Internet access service in Ireland, making broadband for all a reality.


EUTELSAT-Eamon-Ryan-Arduino-Pattachinni.PNGUsing satellite technology, Tooway can now offer Ireland's rural homes, and those in slowband areas, access to 2 megabit per second (2Mbps) broadband services without the need for any existing telephone line infrastructure. 



The Tooway solution consists of a small satellite dish and a modem connected to the PC via Ethernet. It offers two-way satellite access to users, without the need for a telephone line, delivering speeds of 2Mbps on the downlink and 256 Kbps on the uplink. The service is also triple play-ready, allowing distributors to offer additional TV and IP telephony services using the same equipment.



According to the Commission for Communications Regulation only 62.6% of homes in Ireland currently have a broadband connection to the Internet.


Arduino Patacchini, Director of Multimedia at Eutelsat, said, "Tooway will help eliminate the digital divide in Ireland by revolutionising the consumer market for satellite Internet access. ToowayTM is able to offer true broadband access with total independence from existing infrastructures. It has the technology and capacity to become the definitive, low-cost solution for geographical areas, bringing broadband to all."


Tooway operates in the Ku-band in Ireland and is the first satellite two-way broadband service offering similar speeds and costs to ADSL. The service is delivered using Eutelsat's EUROBIRDTM 3 satellite at 33º East, Skylogic's operating experience and ViaSat's SurfBeam technology. 



In 2010, Eutelsat will launch a dedicated new satellite KA-SAT, and claims it will then be able to supply high speed Internet access up to 10Mbps. The satellite, which has the combined capacity of forty traditional satellites, will enable Eutelsat to deliver Internet access to up to two million European homes at a similar speed, price and quality to that of terrestrial ADSL2 services.



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