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Get the Freight Out of Here

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DateFriday, October 03, 2008


Freightquote, a leading online freight services provider, has established  a  European  Headquarters in Sandyford, Dublin and will create 100 new positions over  twelve  months.



JD Buckley, MD of Freightquote at Opening of New EU HQ in Sandyford, Co Dublin

Freightquote  provides  a web based freight management solution that allows clients  to access freight carrier options online and book various modes of freight  transportation (domestic trucking, parcel, air and ocean freight). This allows companies to simplify and lower their cost of freight shipping.



The  Irish  operation  will be responsible for business analysis and client development   within   the  European  freight  and  shipping  industry  and identifying new freight partner opportunities throughout Europe, pioneering a proven business model in the USA into the Europea marketplace. Activities will  also  include the localisation of their European websites in multiple languages  as  well  as  all  of  the  necessary sales, service and support functions to successfully operate within the European markets.

Tánaiste  and  Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Mary Coughlan TD said, “Freightquote is a superb  company  –  it  is revolutionising the freight market and doing for freight  what  the  web  has  done for other markets such as the travel and insurance  industries.   Since  its establishment in 1998, Freightquote has experienced  significant  year  on  year  growth  for its product in the US market.  Replicating  this  success  within the European market is of major strategic  importance  to  the Company and the Irish operation will offer a service  that no other company currently provides to the European logistics and transport market.”

The Tanaiste continued “Some  of  the  reasons  Freightquote  chose  Dublin were due to the skills availability, geographical proximity to Dublin Airport and freight carriers as well as the cluster of other multinational companies in the East Region. This proposal is consistent with IDA Ireland’s strategic objectives for the development of the online business, digital media and communications sector in  Ireland."


"I  believe  the  decision to locate here represents a strong endorsement  of  Ireland’s  competitiveness  and  business infrastructure,” concluded the Tánaiste.

JD Buckley, (pictured) Managing  Director  of  Freightquote’s European Operations said “In  just  10 years  years,  the company has grown from managing a few dozen shipments to a few thousand shipments every day, helping tens of thousands of  customers  improve  their  freight  transportation.” 


He continued “To realise our vision,  our  organisation focuses on innovative technology and outstanding people  -  people  with  energy,  insight,  and  a fervent customer service mentality.  This model has provided with incredible growth throughout  its  history,  and  we remain committed to our philosophy as we look to our future growth into the European market."

The  Freightquote  technology  is  also  integrated  into  the US eBay site both  buyers and sellers to access carrier pricing before bidding on  items  over  150  pounds  in  weight. Freightquote is one of only three official  integrated  shipping  services providers along with United Parcel Service (UPS) and United States Postal Services (USPS).




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