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Gamma Seal Deal with MGAM

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DateThursday, April 29, 2021

Gamma's Richard Garry says deal with MGAM is a step in the right direction of achieving €5.7m revenue in UK insurance market by 2025

Gamma Seal Deal with MGAM

Irish Location Intelligence Company Gamma Predict Revenues of €5.7m in UK Insurance Market by 2025

Irish location intelligence company Gamma, which provides risk assessment technology to Property & Casualty insurance companies, has announced a deal to deploy its Perilfinder software solution with MGAM, the UK based independent managing underwriting agency.


With high-quality data and map visualisation, Gamma say that its cloud hosted platform, built on .NET / Azure stack, will deliver accurate coverage of Britain and Ireland for MGAM, and in turn supporting more accurate address-level risk assessment across the areas of flood, subsidence and crime, enabling MGAM′s partners to identify location risk in seconds and provide more accurate quotes at property level.



Having opened an office in Manchester in 2020, Gamma, which was established in Dublin in 1993, is aiming to become a leading provider of location risk solutions in the UK insurance market, underpinned by partnerships with suppliers such as JBA Risk, Ambiental Risk Management, BGS, Metswift, Terrafirma and Ordnance Survey.


Gamma say Perilfinder is currently being used by three of Europe’s top five Property & Casualty insurers, and are boldly predicting that they will generate €5.7 million in revenues in the UK market by 2025, citing the deal with MGAM, a major step in this direction. 


Gamma's Chief Commercial Officer, Richard Garry (pictured),  He said; “The insurance sector faces many challenges including how to access the right data at the right time to allow underwriters to make informed decisions quickly. That is precisely what Perilfinder™ delivers for MGAM – an insightful, customised platform which provides high-quality data. In turn, this allows the company to enhance its service offering for clients and drive business growth.”


MGAM provides a growing suite of insurance products to the SME sector and say it provides value to their customers by using the most sophisticated integrated IT systems and software coupled with its detailed knowledge of the insurance market. Whilst the easy-to-use, fully-customisable Perilfinder solution will boost efficiency and streamline operations, it also has the ability to scale in line with their future requirements. 


Jason Anthony, CEO, MGAM, said; “Gamma has provided us not just with an innovative software solution which enables us to rate our products and calculate premiums more accurately with more precise data, but has added significant value to the business. Their approach has been refreshing and their level of service is second-to-none. The team understood exactly what we wanted and tailored their already impressive solution to meet our specific and long-term needs. That is game-changing – in fact, it is industry-changing.”


Gamma also plans to add to its team and roll out its Perilfinder™ offering to Europe, the Middle East and Africa.




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