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Robotics4EU Call Survey Respondents

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DateTuesday, March 23, 2021

Robotics4EU Call Survey Respondents

Robotics4EU Invite Robotics Community to Add Their Voice to the Three Year Horizon2020 Research Project


Robotics4EU Launch Survey to Robotics Community

Robotics4EU, a three-year research project funded under the Horizon2020 programme, has called the robotics community and policy makers in the area of robotics to complete its survey which is aimed as a basis for foundational work,  along with supporting the project implementation. 


Under a consortium including CIVITTA, Robotoex, LOBA, Laboratoire Nationale de Metrologie et D'Essais, Teknologiradet, Afri-food Lithuania, and Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Robotics4EU is European Commission’s answer to the unprecedented importance of robotics in modern economy.


The goal of Robotics4EU, which started in January 2021, is to ensure a more widespread adoption of (AI-based) robots focusing on 4 application areas.

Agile Production


Inspection and Maintenance of infrastrucure




Robotics4EU will create and empower the EU-wide responsible robotics community representing robotics innovators from companies and academia in the four application areas, as well as citizens / users and policy / decision makers by:


raising awareness about non-technological aspects of robotics by organising community building and co-creation events bringing together the robotics community and citizens;

advocating for the responsible robotics among all stakeholders groups;

developing a responsible robotics maturity assessment model and bringing the project results to the standardization bodies.


Also addressed at citizens/users and policy/decision makers, Robotics4EU aims to raise awareness about non-technological aspects of robotics, (such as ethics, legal, socioeconomic, data, privacy or gender issues) by organising community building and co-creation events, advocating for responsible robotics among all stakeholder groups, developing a responsible robotics maturity assessment model and bringing the project results to standardization bodies.



The data gathered from these surveys will also help identify the greatest challenges, bottlenecks and needs in enabling wider adoption of robotics in the project’s four key areas


The surveys will take approximately 10/15 minutes to be completed. Responses are voluntary and confidential.


Individual responses will not be identifiable and all the data will be used in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation.


Robotics development community:


Policy and decision makers:



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