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€22k Demand Issued to Recruiter

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DateSunday, October 16, 2016

€22k Demand Issued to Recruiter

DevOps Recruiter Speerhead Resourcing Ireland To Be Sued for €22,000 for Unpaid Consultancy Fees


161016_IrishDev_Speerhead_Resourcing_Richard_Banks.pngThe screw of misfortune keeps turning for DevOps recruiter Speerhead Resourcing Ireland. can reveal that a Dublin consultancy company has sent draft legal proceedings which claim an alleged debt of €22,000.


In June, we reported that legal proceedings had been drafted and were to be issued by Vodafone Ireland (read full story) for unpaid debts, however we understand from Richard Banks, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Speerhead's parent company, Maidenhead, UK based Speerhead Resourcing, this debt has now been settled and therefore no further action will ensue. Banks stated that he knew nothing of the debt at the time the news broke, and apportioned blame to his then partner Paul Speers, who has recently resigned from Speerhead in the UK.




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The demand for €22,000 is on foot of alleged unpaid fees for consultancy work carried out by Purple Phoenix Media, which says were agreed with the majority shareholder of Speerhead Resourcing Ireland. Purple Phoenix Media is also a minority shareholder in Speerhead Resourcing Ireland. A spokesperson for Purple Phoenix Media said that the debt has been long overdue, and a recent meeting that took place in Dublin airport resulted in "no meaningful repayment plan", and it was "regrettable that they've had to instigate legal proceedings as last resort". Banks is understood to have called the meeting and had flown from the UK to attend last month.


The spokesperson also stated that Speerhead Resourcing Ireland had applied for Voluntary Strike-Off from the Companies Register, and that they (Purple Phoenix Media) had successfully opposed the application.



Despite having a 25% shareholding in Speerhead Resourcing Ireland, and the company's co-founder and director Paul Speers taking a control over day to day running of the Irish business, a spokeperson for Speerhead Resourcing Limited was quick to say that the Company was simply 'a minority' shareholder.





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