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Fujitsu Launch Worldwide K5 Rollout

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DateTuesday, June 21, 2016

Fujitsu Launch Worldwide K5 Rollout

Global Rollout of its OpenStack Based Cloud Service K5 as an Enabling Platform for Accelerating Digital Transformation


160601_IrishDev_Fujitsu_Tony_O_Malley.jpgFujitsu has announced the ongoing global rollout of its next-generation IaaS and PaaS cloud service, Fujitsu Cloud Service K5. The company claims K5 is the only fully scalable, enterprise focused OpenStack based cloud service to enable both transition and transformation of traditional enterprise IT environments and integration with cloud hosted digital applications.



Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 is already fully operational in Japan, with the first dedicated European node in the UK in July, followed by Finland in October, and Germany in November. Throuought 2017 the K5 global rollout will continue with K5 running in data centres in Spain, Singapore, Australia and the United States.



The K5 cloud platform can be delivered as a private cloud running either in on-premise data centres or hosted by Fujitsu, as well as public cloud with support for virtual private cloud.



K5, which is a key part of the Fujitsu Digital Business Platform MetaArc, will feature a set of technologies designed to enable organizations to fast-track their development and deployment of new cloud-native applications - dubbed ‘Fast IT' or Systems of Engagement - bringing together enterprise-grade reliability, performance and scalability with the cost efficiency of open source-based cloud technology.


The company says this creates new value through the digitalization of existing enterprise IT services, achieving fast and effective integration in new hybrid IT environments. Greatly accelerated release cycles allow organizations to more rapidly test and bring new services to market, or fail fast and start over without losing too much momentum. K5's open architecture and MetaArc's ability to run and manage workloads on any chosen platform, new systems can run both within the public cloud and within customers' own environments.


At the same time, K5 allows customers to exploit the value of their traditional or ‘Robust IT' installations, also known as Systems of Record, through seamless and consistent integration into new cloud applications.


As a consequence, Fujitsu says it is enabling organizations to capture the value in their legacy systems when modernizing IT environments. Customers can take advantage of K5's powerful capabilities in the areas of application integration and development, as well as the wider capabilities of MetaArc in leveraging automated multi-cloud delivery and management, extended across all popular cloud platforms.


The integration of UForge technology - from recent Fujitsu acquisition UShareSoft - into the K5 System Factory Service helps enable automated migration and application deployment/release, and supports all market-leading cloud platforms, both on- and off-premise, not just Fujitsu cloud services. Fujitsu say this functionality has enabled one K5 pilot customer, among the world's largest telecommunications companies, to realize a 30-plus percent improvement in iterative releases, for a mission critical billing application.



By making the move towards open source-based architecture for K5, Fujitsu also delivers previously unattainable cost efficiencies and opens the door to lower Total Cost of Ownership. K5 means enterprises significantly reduce vendor lock-in, due to the underlying OpenStack architecture. K5 is available in four delivery models - public cloud, virtual private hosted, dedicated and dedicated on-premise, and is the industry's first single, agile cloud architecture to use the same approach for all versions.


Fujitsu is already transforming its own internal IT estate, exploiting legacy services with new systems for a quick return on investment, as it migrates all of its 640 business systems and 13,000-plus servers to K5. At the same time, Fujitsu is giving back, through software know-how contributions to OpenStack that are centered on enterprise-class enhancements.



Tony O'Malley (pictured) CEO, Fujitsu Ireland commented; "The introduction of the K5 offering is a very significant development for Fujitsu and most importantly for our existing and prospective customers. We know that regardless of sector or industry there is an increased demand for digitalisation.


This innovation is driven by public and consumer audiences, thus requiring IT systems that are fast and reliable, and offer all the flexibility and benefits of the cloud. We are excited to be able to bring our Irish client partners the very latest advancements that will enhance their operations and offerings thus enabling them to meet their goals and those of their clients."



According to Duncan Tait, Director and Corporate Executive Officer, Executive Vice President and Head of Europe, Middle East, India & Africa and the Americas at Fujitsu, Fujitsu is making a significant investment in this new digital enablement platform and services which ensure that legacy systems can be fully integrated with cloud native applications. "Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 enables customers to embrace digital transformation, by combining the economics of open source with the robustness of enterprise-class systems and a wealth of platform services."






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