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Motivating Open Source Pros to Move

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DateThursday, May 05, 2016

Motivating Open Source Pros to Move

The 2016 Open Source Jobs Report Reveals Companies are Hungry for Professional Open Source Talent



IrishDev_Linux_Foundation_Jim_Zemlin.jpgAccording to the 2016 Open Source Jobs Report released today, recruiting open source talent is a top priority for hiring managers and recruiters, and what's more they are now increasingly looking for more professional training credentials from their candidates.


The fifth annual report conducted by the Linux Foundation and jobs website Dice, provides an overview of the trends for open source careers, motivation for professionals in the industry and how employers attract and retain qualified talent, and this year it expands the scope beyond Linux to examine what motivates open source professionals to consider changing jobs, and how companies are attracting and retaining these people. The report claims that 65 percent of hiring managers say open source hiring will increase more than any other part of their business over the next six months, and 79 percent of hiring managers have increased incentives to hold on to their current open source professionals.



The annual report features data from more than 400 hiring managers at corporations, small and medium businesses (SMBs), government organizations, and staffing agencies across the globe-as well as responses from more than 4,500 open source professionals worldwide.




Key findings from the 2016 Open Source Jobs Survey and Report include:


  • Open source talent is one of the top priorities for recruitment this year. Fifty-nine percent of hiring managers say they'll add more open source professionals to their ranks in the next six months. This is an increase when compared to last year's Linux-specific jobs report, which found 50 percent planning to add Linux talent during the same time period.


  • DevOps is among the most sought after skills in the industry. Fifty-eight percent of hiring managers are seeking DevOps professionals while the need for developers remains the top position on their list at 74 percent. Open source professionals also feed this trend as 13 percent of the surveyed identified DevOps as the most in-demand skill today - more than any other category.


  • Networking is a leading emergent technology. As the second most in-demand knowledge area, 21 percent of hiring managers say networking has the biggest impact on open source hiring. The only higher category, at 51 percent of surveyed hiring managers, is knowledge of OpenStack, CloudStack and related cloud technologies.


  • Open source professionals are driven to innovate and collaborate. Only two percent of professionals stated that money and perks were the best thing about their jobs. Working on interesting projects tops the list with 31 percent, while working on the most cutting-edge technology challenges (18%) and collaborating with a global community (17%) are also high on open source professionals' lists.


This is the fifth year The Linux Foundation and Dice, have partnered to produce the jobs report. The four previous years' research focused exclusively on the job market for Linux professionals. As open source software has become an ever increasing footprint in technology infrastructure and end products, it is important to understand the opportunities and challenges associated with the overall open source talent market. As a result, the organizations expanded the report this year to examine the broader job market for open source professionals. While this means comparisons to past years' results are not exact, the data is more broadly relevant to a larger pool of professionals and hiring managers.



Jim Zemlin (pictured), Executive Director at the Linux Foundation, said: "As more and more open source projects are developed, open source professionals will need to update their skillsets with knowledge and experience including DevOps and networking," although Zemlin also warns: "It's a seller's market and it's only going to get more beneficial for open source professionals, but ongoing training and certifications will be the key to growing their expertise and keeping a competitive edge."



"Demand for open source talent is growing and companies struggle to find experienced professionals to fill open roles," said Bob Melk, President of Dice. "Rising salaries for open source professionals indicate companies recognize the need to attract, recruit and retain qualified open source professionals on a global scale."


(Photo courtesy of IBM Systems Magazine / Eric Millette)



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