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New Logentries Log Analytics Report

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DateFriday, May 08, 2015
AuthorLeonid Botnarenko

New Logentries Log Analytics Report

Logentries Announced a New Log Analysis Reporting Service that offers Logentries Customers a Weekly Poll-Up 


Rich Archbold, Director of Ops, Intercom, said: The new Logentries Log Analytics Reporting service has provided us with insight into our environment that we would never have been able to get before. Logentries (@logentries), a provider of cloud based log management and analytics, has announced a new log analysis reporting service that they say will enable their customers a quicker, more intelligent understanding of system activity by rolling-up weekly log-level metrics, data visualizations, and trending activity.



The reports were developed by the Logentries Data Insights team to offer an extension to customer's own data analytics efforts, without requiring the valuable time and resources of traditional log collection and analysis.



The new Logentries' log-level usage reporting service uniquely provides a fine-grained view of applications and system activity, enabling customers to pinpoint issues and identify how specific processes might be causing unexpected changes, spikes, or problematic results within their application and server environments.



Rich Archbold (pictured), Director of Ops at Intercomcommented: "The new Logentries Log Analytics Reporting service has provided us with insight into our environment that we would never have been able to get before. We now have deep, log-level visibility into application activity, trends, and potential issues on a weekly basis delivered right into our inbox!"



According to Trevor Parsons, Chief Scientist at Logentries, once Dev and IT Ops teams have centralized their log data from across servers and applications, it's critical to be able to quickly dig into the data and highlight the most important events, system changes, anomalies and potential issues. But the overwhelming growth of machine data has made collecting, filtering, and analyzing distributed log data most challenging.


Parsons said: "Separating the signal from the noise is a big challenge when dealing with machine-generated log data today and often requires deep technical expertise. The new Logentries reporting service is designed to provide log-level visibility into application activity, trends and potential issues and deliver these insights right into your inbox."



The new Logentries Log Analysis reporting service does this automatically for customers, highlighting business-critical metrics such as most active and inactive logs; system usage breakdown by time of day, users, locations; and overall weekly trends.




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