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Logentries Launch Heroku OotB

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DateThursday, May 07, 2015
AuthorLeonid Botnarenko

Logentries Launch Out-of-the-box for Heroku

Heroku’s Most Popular Add-On will be integrate with a novetly app, Out-of-the-box Log Analytics, add-on services including New Relic, Fastly, Hosted Graphite by Logentries 

Logentries Announces Out-of-the-box Log Analytics for Heroku’s Most Popular Add-On ServicesLogentries (@logentries), the provider of cloud based log management and analytics, has announced the launch of the Heroku Postgres Community Pack, which adds  to their already extensive support for the Heroku app environment.



Heroku (@heroku), is a cloud application platform with the mission of making it easy and painless to build and run cloud apps. Logentries Community Packs provide pre-configured, out-of-the-box queries, real-time alerts, and dashboards to get users up and running with log analysis of their Heroku apps and the specific log events they may be producing via one of the Add-on services. 



As a top ten Heroku Add-on, Logentries has been designed to seamlessly integrate with the Heroku platform and offer real-time, intuitive logging, alerting and analysis of Heroku applications. 



Trevor Parsons, Chief Scientist at Logentries, commented: "Heroku has done a great job of developing seamless partner integrations with one-click deployment. At Logentries we wanted to enhance the Heroku user experience further by providing out-of-the-box visibility into the most popular add-ons so that developers can see what's happening in their apps as well as any databases, CDNs or other cool services they are using."

Logentries service collects and pre-processes log events in real-time for on-demand analysis, alerting and visualization. With custom tagging and filtering, users can correlate data across their infrastructure to better understand application usage and performance, security and performance issues, and user behavior.

Logentries can be easily added to an existing Heroku service via the Heroku Add-ons Marketplace, starting at only $9 per month. The new Heroku Postgres Community Pack is designed to enable application developers and database administrators to understand their application behavior and analyze the processes between the apps and database. 


Stuart Hammar, Co-founder and Developer, Rolo, said: "I love that I get notified immediately when things go wrong in my Heroku apps. Logentries makes it significantly easier to search and read my logs."


The new Heroku Postgres Community Pack  will include: 


  • Saved Queries that automatically look for FATAL, WARNING and ERROR type log events and reveal interesting behaviors across the database.
  • Tags and Alerts that understand the messages produced by Postgres; and real-time alerts that can help uncover, for example, when a user has exceeded the Heroku Postgres connection limit.
  • Dashboards that offer real-time view of important stats, like log event distribution by severity level and average execution time for slow Postgres queries.


In addition to the new Heroku Postgres logging support, Logentries offers Heroku users live tail search, historical and real-time graphing, and extensive built-in integrations with the most popular Heroku Add-on Services:


  • New Relic: Integrate valuable New Relic APM metrics with deep, log-level visibility.
  • Fastly: Immediately access saved searches, alerts and dashboards of valuable metrics such as device type, unique IPs, total page hits over time, and requests by country, region or datacenter.
  • Hosted Graphite: Quickly extract your most important log events and display them visually in a Hosted Graphite environment.
  • MongoDB: Immediately access saved searches, alerts and dashboards of valuable metrics such as the distribution of components, database commands, severity levels and average query result lengths.



When Heroku launched the Cedar container stack 4 years ago, it's the first companies to use Linux Containers (LXC) to create a secure, performant and scalable cloud platform. Heroku has been a leader in the containerization movement, and we've spent years hardening, honing and evolving our runtime container stack.



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