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ISA Awards Shortlisted

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DateFriday, October 31, 2014

ISA Awards Shortlisted

Irish Software Association Says List of 20 Companies from a Record Number of 70 Entries

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The Irish Software Association (ISA) has released the shortlist of 20 indigenous technology companies in their annual award ceremony including the four companies, CarTrawler, Ocuco, Sláinte Healthcare, and TDS that are vying for the title of Digital Technology Company of the Year.

Irish Software Association's Paul Sweetman awarding S3Group CEO John O'Brien with 2013 Overall Technology Company Award in 2013

Almost 70 tech companies and organisations from across Ireland entered this year's awards for 37 shortlisted places in eight categories. Ocuco and Slainte Healthcare each received 3 places, with Asavie Technologies, CarTrawler, Openmind Networks, and S3 Group  each receiving 2 shortlisted places.

The categories include the Emerging Company of the Year ( Boxever, Brite:Bill, Snapfile and Pharmapod ), Outstanding Achievement in International Growth ( Fenergo, Ocuco, Openmind Networks, S3 Group, Asavie Technologies ), Technology Innovation of the Year ( Payback Loyalty, eirpoint, Inhance Technology, Asavie Technologies, Openmind Networks, Slainte Healthcare ), Digital Technology Services Project of the Year (, S3 Group, Payback Loyalty, Aspire, Sláinte Healthcare ), Multinational Initiative of the Year ( IBM, Ericsson, Intel, Google ), and the Excellence in Talent Development Award ( Realex Payments, FEXCO, WorkCompass, CarTrawler, Ocuco ). Additionally, five academic institutions and researchers have been nominated for Outstanding Academic Achievement of the Year.

John O'Brien, CEO of S3 Group, (pictured right with ISA's Paul Sweetman) winner of last year's overall award and one of this year's judges said; "This year saw the largest number of entrants into the ISA Software Industry Awards, all of exceptional merit. Reducing the nominees to this final shortlist has been a highly challenging task for the judges. Shortlisted companies have demonstrated outstanding performance over the previous year, combining aspects of technical innovation, sales achievements and successful partnering strategies."

O'Brien added; "These companies exhibit a proven ability to attract financial resources, as well as showing a return for stakeholders, customers, staff and investors, thus demonstrating a real competitive differentiation."

All companies will now present to an independent panel of judges who represent CEOs and founders of Irish software and digital technology companies, before the the ISA Awards to be held in Dublin on 21 November with Hailo co-founder Jay Bregman  as the keynote speaker.


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