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January Winner of AppMeUp Announced

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DateFriday, February 01, 2013

January Winner of Appmeup Announced

Microsoft and Acer Award GMIT Student Adeel Gilani as January's Winner of AppMeUp Competition



130201_Acer_Justin_Mulhern_Microsoft_Caroline_Phillips.jpgMicrosoft and Acer have announced the winner of the January AppMeUp Competition,  as GMIT student, Adeel Gilani, for developing four unique Windows 8 apps, Muslim Suite Pro; Mastermind Pro; Words Pro and My Wallet Pro.



The competition has three distinct ways of entering and winning a prize (App of The Month, Create 4 unique apps, and public draw for aspiring app builders), and was launched late last year to challenge Irish professional and student app developers to create Windows 8 apps with €50,000 worth of Acer W510 Tablets running Windows 8 Pro to be won between now and the end of June.



Adeel, who is a student of BSc Software Development, said; "I attended the WOWZAPP 48 hour coding hackathon at GMIT in October and this really kickstarted my passion for developing Windows 8 apps. The Windows 8 platform and new modern UI offer a great opportunity to be creative and develop apps that are not only unique but fun and useful. And I've got several more apps on the go!"


Muslim Suite Pro App is an app essential for every Muslim in any part of the world. Using this app a Muslim can read the Quran in 1 of 44 languages, bookmark while reading and download more translations.
This app gives near exact times for the prayers of a whole week in a clear overview. The prayer calculation methods can be adjusted as well as minor adjustment of the times. App displays the next prayer time in the live tile and also gives a visual and or audio notification based on user choice.

This application uses the internet to download the translation files and uses the GPS module to calculate the Geo Location. Geo Location is saved locally on the user's machine and will not be shared with anyone. Never miss a prayer using this app's unique reminder service and keep the holy book in your language for daily read.



Mastermind Pro App is a simple code-breaking board game. The object of the game is to determine the secret code using a series of guesses and the feedback provided. This application is designed to provide maximum play ability and to let your mind focus on solving the puzzle without annoying palettes that jump in and out of the screen.



Words Pro App  is a free application finds the best words that can be made out of the letters you enter. An anagram is a word, phrase, or name formed by rearranging the letters of another, such as cinema, formed from iceman. Anagrams are commonly used in crosswords to provide the answer to a question hidden in the question itself.



My Wallet Pro App is an application which helps you keep track of money matters. It takes your monthly incomings and outgoing and help you keep track of your expenses. It records your daily incoming and outgoing and display the netflow with a summary in a nice clutter free layout. This app also has a live tile to display current months netflow, inflow and outflow. The App doesn't share any of your personal information with anyone and keeps all the record in a secure sandboxed SQlite database.



Commenting on the AppMeUp competition, Acer's Ireland's General Manager, Justin Mulhern said; "The launch of Windows 8 opens up a great new platform to Irish developers, we're delighted to be working with Microsoft to encourage developers to build apps and help make the experience a rich one for our customers who rely on Acer to deliver the best device experience possible.

Working with young and talented students and encouraging them to develop Windows 8 apps has shown us just how creative and talented Ireland's developer community is and we're delighted to be part of this," added Mulhern.



Caroline Phillips, DPE Lead, Microsoft Ireland, said; "There has never been a better time to an app developer. Windows 8 represents a huge opportunity for developers, no matter what coding language you use (HTML5, .NET) or what device your apps run on. Since the launch in October 2012, we've seen the number of Windows Store apps quadruple with over 100 million downloads and over 6 million Windows 8 Licenses have now been sold. We are delighted to partner with Acer and are hoping to see just how creative Irish developers can be building new, next generation apps that really light up the Windows 8 platform."


Microsoft and Acer have been challenging the Irish developers to let their imaginations loose and add to the growing cache of amazing apps available on Windows Store.








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For Rules of AppMeUp, Visit Microsoft's Website


Visit Acer


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