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Irish Games Start-up Raises $2.5m

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DateWednesday, January 30, 2013

Irish Games Start-up Raises $2.5m

Delta Partners and Act Venture Capital Invest in Dublin Games Developer Digit Game Studios



130130_Kings_of_the_Realm.jpgDigit Game Studios, a one-year old game development start-up, has announced the closure of a US$2.5million Series A funding led by Delta Partners (US$2.1 million) and ACT Venture Capital.



Digit was founded in early 2012 by a team of games industry veterans, Richard Barnwell, Martin Frain, Fergus Duggan, and David McGovern, who together have been responsible for developing and launching games including World leading MMOs (Runescape, Star Trek Online), AAA console titles (Tomb Raider, Colin McRae, Mirrors Edge), Online (Battlefield Heroes, Championship Manager Rivals) and mobile games (Bejeweled, Chuzzle).



Since launching, Digit has been busy developing its first game, Kings of the Realm (KotR), a massively multiplayer strategy game that works across any connected device - an approach CEO Richard Barnwell calls "Seamlessly Cross-Platform". He said; "This latest funding round will help accelerate Digit in its goal of disrupting the games industry with a new cross platform technology and awesome games."



Martin Frain, CMO, added; "Seamlessly cross-platform is a new way of playing games. It allows our games to be played on any connected device and our players can transition between them. Players can play on their browser in the morning, their smartphone on the train and on their tablet in the evening. They can also play against friends who are using a different device."



The latest funding round takes the total amount raised by Digit to US$3.75m with both Delta and ACT, and from the AIB Startup Accelerator Fund, previously investing in Digit's seed round.The company says it will now enable them to double size of operations with the creation of 25 new jobs.



Commenting on the funding from its Delta Equity Fund III Limited Partnership, Maurice Roche, General Partner at Delta."We've been working with the Digit team since the company was founded and have been very impressed with the vision and understanding of games industry. We believe "Seamlessly Cross Platform" games will be a transformational development in the games industry and the Digit management team has the experience and drive to be a global leader in this segment."



Kings of the Realm is due out later this year, along with the first book in a series from Penguin.









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