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Irish Laas Opens in Mountain View

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DateMonday, September 19, 2011

Irish Laas Opens in Mountain View

Tethras Launches in America to Help Local Developers Take Their Apps Global with Content Translation Platform



110920_TETHRAS_Brian_Clavin.pngNovaUCD start-up, Tethras, which provides a mobile app localization platform to enable developers to tap into foreign markets, has officially announced the opening of its first International office in Mountain View, California.



Using seasoned language translators and a suite of cloud-based tools and API's, the company provides a simple and affordable platform to translate apps into over forty languages. The company claims it is the world's first Localization-as-a-Service (LaaS) platform, enabling translators and developers to preview what a translation will look like within the app itself. This results in a more accurate translation of the app interface.



According to Gartner global mobile app market revenue is predicted to exceed $58 billion by 2014, and as smartphones gain popularity worldwide, the majority of app downloads occurring outside of a developer's local market is already significant. In fact, according to data made public by Apple, an average of 8 out of the top 10 grossing apps in China, South Korea and France are localized, and, therefore, the need for seamless app translation is critical to maximising revenue and reach.



CEO Brian Farrell (pictured) who co-founded Tethras in 2010 with Brendan Clavin (who is to relocate to Mountain View), said: "Previously, app translation was a fragmented and frustrating undertaking that often resulted in a lengthy go-to-market timeline. Tethras aims to simplify app localization with high-quality translation by real human translators and an easily scalable experience.

By using Tethras, mobile developers gain access to global markets and new streams of revenue without ever having to leave their desks, give up their source code, or download a single piece of software. Tethras eliminates the need for project managers and excessive developer preparatory work. This enables developers to spend more time creating new apps, and less time maintaining and updating them for multiple markets."


Clavin added: "With consumers favouring localized apps, Tethras gives your app a native tongue supercharge.


The majority of app developers are based in the USA, with California having the highest number of developers, and by locating in Mountain View, we hope to build direct and channel sales."







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