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Deloitte Announce Triple T Winner

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DateTuesday, June 14, 2011

Deloitte Announce Triple T Winner

UCD Student Wins Deloitte's Inaugural Top Technology Talent Competition with Video Interviewing Concept



DELOITTE_Top_Technology_Competition.pngDeloitte has announced the winner of its inaugural Top Technology Talent Competition, which set about finding the most innovative idea on how technology can solve a business problem. The competition, open to university students at all levels across Ireland, was won by 23 year old UCD student John Griffin from Rathgar who has just completed his final year in Business and Legal Studies.



John's winning concept was for an innovative website whereby users would have the opportunity to improve their interview skills and confidence by practicing interviews virtually using their webcam. The site would offer an attractive and affordable way for prospective employees to grow their confidence and increase their chance of securing employment. It would offer people the opportunity to hone their interview skills by responding to a huge variety of pre-recorded questions, while using their webcam to record their progress. This footage could then be reviewed by the user and/or a trained professional who would provide expert guidance, for an added charge, on how they can improve their interview skills.



Talking about the competition which was launched in February, (MORE)  Harry Goddard, Partner, Partner in Technology Integration, Deloitte said: "Congrats to John on winning the competition! What made this idea so compelling was the fact that it takes advantage of current trends in technology - many laptops now already come with integrated webcams, and they are relatively inexpensive to purchase. The idea also takes advantage of the proliferation of online video, VoIP and the growth of the smartphone and tablet market. John had also given extensive consideration to his target market and how he could reach them, in addition to his business model.


We were extremely impressed that he had focussed not just on the technology side of things, but how this idea could translate into a viable business."



The winner of the Top Technology Talent competition could choose either a €1,000 prize or four weeks' paid work experience in Deloitte's technology integration practice to enable the winner to further develop their idea or to gain valuable technology and business experience within one of the world's largest professional services organisations.



Receiving his award from John Perry, TD, Minister for Small Business and Brendan Jennings, Managing Partner, Deloitte, John Griffin commented: "I'm delighted to have won this competition! The idea was inspired by my own interest in building my interview skills as I approached the end of my degree. It was great to have an opportunity to present my idea to Deloitte and get their feedback on how I might be able to progress it further."


Opting for the prize money, John added: "What's more, it's great to have some capital now to put towards the project."



The judging panel consisted of Deloitte experts, Greg Hogan, Director of Corporate Financing, who specialises in funding for tech start-ups, Harry Goddard and colleague Antonio Senatore.


"We were delighted with the response that we got from students. We received ten excellent ideas, and it was a tough call for the judging panel. A common feature of the applications was the fact that many of the ideas that were submitted looked at how technology can help in these recessionary times, be it improving interview skills as in John's case, or cost and time saving ideas," said Goddard.


Talking to, he concluded: "The competition certainly proves that the entrepreneurial spirit, along with the technological knowledge and innovation, is in abundance in Irish universities, and we look forward to running the competition again in 2012."



Wexford based start-up Sonru has won several awards in the video interviewing space. Its CEO, Fergal O'Byrne, said Johns concept clearly demonstrates that video in recruitment is now becoming more mainstream: "Sonru would like to congratulate Mr. Griffin on his success in the competition. As innovators in video technology space, offering both automated video interviewing tools to recruiters / hiring managers and a Video Interview Preparation tool for candidates since 2009, Sonru welcomes more entrants to the market."



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