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Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Job Title
Senior Site Reliability Engineer
8130 ID
Viasat, Dublin, Ireland


Viasat Senior Site Reliability Engineer IrishDev

Viasat Job description


Bigger challenges. Bolder ideas. Global impact. At Viasat, we’re on a mission to deliver connections with the capacity to change the world. We’re the company behind the world’s fastest satellite internet service, with technology that’s helping to bridge the digital divide and improve life for our customers around the globe. By providing powerful new ways for people to connect with one another, gain greater access to education, entertainment, medical research, commerce, and much more, our team is empowering millions of customers worldwide.  
We’re looking for passionate, innovative professionals to join our team and connect the world to more. You’ll work in a collaborative and inclusive environment that values diverse perspectives and continuous learning, and provides industry-leading benefits with unmatched opportunities for career growth. Our team is fearless in pursuit of new ideas and uncompromising in our quest to become the world’s first truly global Internet Service Provider. Interested in joining our mission? Take a look at career opportunities at Viasat today.

The Role

A Senior SRE Engineer to help our teams improve our infrastructure, monitoring and CI/CD in particular, to accelerate our ability to deliver rapid software updates to our customers.
Someone who knows what “infrastructure as code” means, experienced in explaining and delivering the advantages of good CI/CD capability. You are familiar with Linux containers (Docker preferably), can craft an automation script in Python, Ruby or any other languages - we are open minded. We are looking for someone who believes monitoring is not an option. We’re seeking a team player who can operate in a super friendly, open and supportive Engineering environment.


At Viasat Europe, we have a number of product teams and we support them with a central SRE team. You can operate in a team of SRE engineers that collaborate closely with both development and support teams. Everything that we build and deploy is ultimately a Docker image that gets deployed to a Terraform defined and managed Docker cluster in AWS, across multiple AZs to ensure HA. Stateful services store data using replicated MySQL RDS instances, EFS, Redis.  All configuration lives in deployment descriptor files in a Git repo which provides the Docker orchestrator all that it needs to deploy or update services. You deploy consistent images and service definitions across our Test, QA and Production environments, scaling out our clusters and/or individual service replicas to meet capacity demands with a single easy command, or automatically, as required. Monitoring, log aggregation and backup jobs are standard - just additional services deployed to the clusters in the same way as the apps.
When things go wrong -or weird- you provide production support to the support engineers, and assist in conducting post-mortems with the product development team and other stakeholders to continuously improve the reliability of our systems.


A passion and talent for software development, with an appreciation of all the pieces of the puzzle that make it happen.

Production support experience, preferably supporting JVM based applications
Expertise in at least 2 of the modern languages: Java, Python, GoLang, NodeJS, Groovy, C#, Scala, etc.

A deep understanding of enabling technologies, principles and practices of Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment

Hands-on experience with at least one public cloud provider (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.), including infrastructure and configuration management (Ansible, Chef, Terraform, CloudFormation, etc.)

Good understanding of platform and systems’ architecture – modular monoliths, SoA, microservices, including enabling tools and technologies (Spring Cloud, OpenShift, Kubernetes, CloudFoundry, etc.)

Working knowledge of modern ops technologies, e.g. monitoring, log aggregation, alerting, service discovery.

Experience working with agile frameworks, having inspected and adapted them to work for you and your teams. 


Experience working within cross-functional delivery teams, collaborating across: UX, Service Delivery, Product Engineering, Support Ops.
Appreciation of what motivates, inspires and stifles software teams.
Experience with data engineering and analytics technologies, e.g. Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, Cassandra.
Good understanding of the secure and reliable integration between components in modern applications: backend to web and mobile front-end
General understanding of technologies used in modern web and mobile applications would be advantageous.
Experience of running Kubernetes in production would be very appreciated
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Irish or EU Citizenship or valid Irish work permit






Worker Classification: Employee


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