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5 Tips - Building Internal Platform

Time18:00:25 Phone
DateTuesday, October 05, 2021
VenueOnline Email

Platform Engineers Dublin Meetup

Platform Engineers Dublin Meetup

This is a group for engineers to learn and discuss all things internal tooling, platform teams and internal developer platforms.

The goal of this community is to democratize access to Internal Developer Platforms and allow any company to build a world class platform team and internal tooling setup.

We strive for empowering any dev team with the best possible setup to ship badass software. You should join if you are working or are looking to work as:

-Platform Engineer


-Infrastructure Engineer


-Cloud Engineer


AWS DevOps Engineer Contract Job Dublin Ireland


5 things to consider before building your internal platform

Using an internal platform to automate DevOps workflows and improve developer productivity has increasingly become mainstream. According to Puppet’s 2021 DevOps report, 63% of teams are using at least one internal platform. But most of these platforms end up as half baked solutions with low adoption across the org. There are many reasons for this. Chris and Christóbal, leading consultants at ThoughtWorks, will present their learnings about the platform execution gap, recently published on


We are excited to discuss the following key points with them:


- What are the prerequisites to build an internal platform?

- How do you evaluate the business value of an internal platform?

- How do you set up a successful platform team?

- How can you get buy-in and high adoption of the platform?


After a 30 minutes talk, there will be 15 minutes for Q&A. We’d like to encourage you to submit your questions in advance.


A recording of the webinar and related materials will be shared with webinar attendees afterwards.


Speakers: Chris Ford, Head of Technology at ThoughtWorks

Chris has worked as a consultant for Thoughtworks for a decade and is currently Head of Technology for Thoughtworks Spain. His professional expertise includes functional programming, continuous delivery, Data Mesh and scaling engineering organisations.


Cristóbal García García, Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks

Cristóbal's career has centred on leading engineering teams in the IT Service Provider industry. Two years ago he joined Thoughtworks to work in product and infrastructure teams. His focus areas are distributed systems, engineering practices and software development processes and, from time to time, data science and programming languages



Information & Registration

DATE & TIME: 5th October 2021 / 18:00

VENUE: Online


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