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Platform Engineers Dublin Meetup

Time18:00:24 Phone
DateTuesday, September 21, 2021 Web
VenueOnline Email

Platform Engineers Dublin Meetup

Platform Engineers Dublin Meetup

This is a group for engineers to learn and discuss all things internal tooling, platform teams and internal developer platforms.

The goal of this community is to democratize access to Internal Developer Platforms and allow any company to build a world class platform team and internal tooling setup.

We strive for empowering any dev team with the best possible setup to ship badass software. You should join if you are working or are looking to work as:

-Platform Engineer


-Infrastructure Engineer


-Cloud Engineer


AWS DevOps Engineer Contract Job Dublin Ireland


How to enable developer self-service in highly regulated industries

Of the 10% best-performing teams, 50% have an end-to-end self-service setup for their developers. People dramatically underestimate the effect of developer self-service on the productivity, output and ownership levels.


David Lluna led the development of the Internal Developer Platform (IDP) at Flywire. Alexandru leverages the platform to work on compliance and security controls across the organisation.


In this webinar David and Alexandru will walk through:

- Why self-service matters and how to measure it.

- How to enable self-service in a highly regulated industry.

- The cultural challenges of shifting engineers’ mindset to adopt the IDP


After a 30 minutes talk, David and Alexandru will open it up to questions for the last 15 minutes. We’d like to encourage you to submit your questions or topics in advance.


A recording of the webinar and related materials will be shared with webinar attendees afterwards.



David Lluna, Site Reliability Engineering Manager at Flywire

David is a Software Engineer working at the intersection of production excellence and development tooling, helping development teams to achieve full speed by empowering them through tooling, strong ownership and autonomy.


Alexandru Dima, Security Engineer at Flywire

Alexandru has focused on information security for the past years, appreciating security as or with code.He started administering various IT equipment and subsequently took the leap into the business side. He has significant expertise in the traditional Banking and FinTech sectors in multiple areas including: Secrets Management, Risk Management, Information Security and Application Security.



Information & Registration

DATE & TIME: 21st September 2021 / 18:00

VENUE: Online


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