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Even though the economic landscape is so, so different today than it was in 2001, our goals have remained fundamentally unchanged from that of John and Kieran's when they first began the group. That is to help our community achieve careers that surpass their dreams by providing industry and technical knowledge, training of today's and tomorrow's skills, and a a membership of peers who support each other on their personal journeys. Regardless of which level you are at in your career, we're here to help you succeed; our online, in persona and video communication tools will....

  • give you the skills and knowledge for your next steps;
  • provide you with the inspiration to succeed regardless of whether you are taking your first steps in the software industry .
  • encourage you to become involved in the community and dedicated to strengthening software development as a career.
  • promote the excellence of the Irish software industry – the companies, the products and the people.
  • influence inward investment to the Irish software industry, and outward opportunities for our software businesses leading to job creation and business opportunities, securing the future for Irish software industry participants. is proud to be highly valued by the Irish software industry, and to have had the opportunity to enable our members to gain the skills that benefit them in real life work.
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