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Partners Back At Pregnancy Scans

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DateMonday, May 10, 2021

Martina Skelly, CEO of YellowSchedule said it was clear from working with the project team at CUMH that their focus has been on getting partners back into the hospital in a secure, simple to use and efficient way.

Partners Allows Back At 20 Week Pregnancy Scans

Expectant Mothers at Cork University Maternity Hospital Can Now Take Partners Thanks to YellowSchedule Software


For most expectant mothers and fathers, the 20 week scan should be a happy time full of memories. But the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many challenges in healthcare none less than partners being excluded in support of a safe and healthy environment in maternity hospitals, leaving mothers feeling stressed and anxious having to attend alone.


But now, a new tech solution adopted by Cork University Maternity Hospital (CUMH) means partners of mothers can now share the experience. Working together with Health Innovation Hub Ireland (HIHI), CUMH they have teamed up with Limerick company YellowSchedule who have created a solution with customised software design and modifications to their already in-market product to meet the specific requirements including bottlenecks related to the flow of patients; the resource burden of operating a manual system; and most importantly during the pandemic consistent, reliable and timely contact tracing and mental wellbeing of patients.


Only in operation a couple of weeks, feedback has been that YellowSchedule’s Intelligent Patient Scheduling Solution is extremely easy to use, pregnant women and their partners appreciate being able to screen online prior to their appointment and that scanning the QR code is easy and much quicker saving them time and ensuring their visit is more about seeing their new baby and making good memories. 



Here is how the YellowSchedule system solved CUMH problem:

YellowSchedule sends an SMS message to expectant mothers with upcoming 20 week anatomy scans inviting them to nominate a partner to attend. 

Both the woman and her nominated companion receive a Covid-19 screening questionnaire shortly before the upcoming appointment. 

This enables CUMH to identify any women with risk factors and channel them appropriately through the dedicated COVID pathway at the hospital and it also prevents any nominated visitors to the hospital who may have COVID-19 risk factors from presenting on-site. 

For everyone else they receive a QR code to enable them to scan through when they arrive for the appointment. 

This results in no queues of people filling in COVID screening forms on site.  


Staff have a record of who is due in for scans for the day, whether or not they’ve completed their COVID-19 screening and the status of that screening resulting in the hospital having a robust record for contact tracing purposes.


CUMH are also reintroducing visits post-delivery, YellowSchedule will automatically send an SMS to the nominated partner once the mother has been admitted as an in-patient enabling them to schedule post-delivery visits. The visitor will screen online for Covid-19 prior to arrival and check in via QR code at the check in kiosk at the entrance to the hospital. 


YellowSchedule, which was founded in 2011 by sister and brother Martina and Michael Skelly, specialises in healthcare scheduling solutions which has helped to cut ‘no-show’ rates. The platform enables patients to self-schedule online, providing interactive reminders and reducing appointment administration. Martina (pictured), said of the new system; “The Covid-19 pandemic has been especially hard on expecting couples, aside from the added stress around Covid-19 itself, pregnancy is a challenging time physically and emotionally.  It’s fantastic to see maternity units start to open up access to scans and visits to support partners.  It was clear from working with the project team at CUMH that their focus has been on getting partners back into the hospital in a secure, simple to use and efficient way, that would be easy for them to manage and not add more stress during an already stressful time.” 


Dr. Tanya Mulcahy, National Manager, Health Innovation Hub Ireland, welcomed the collaborative approach between HIHI, YellowSchedule and CUMH; “HIHI’s role is to provide innovative solutions to an unmet healthcare need. Yellow Schedule provides a seamless system that enables scheduling and tracking of hospital visitors in a safe and managed manner. In the case of CUMH, the collaborative approach was set in action again with HIHI working with  YellowSchedule and the team at CUMH designing and piloting a  solution for  safe  visitor attendance. YellowSchedule’s   Intelligent Patient Scheduling Solution is proving invaluable to pregnant women and their partners at the hospital”.




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