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European Open Source Jobs Surge

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DateThursday, October 06, 2016
AuthorConor Shields

European Open Source Jobs Surge

Open Source Jobs are More In-demand in Europe Than the Rest of the World According to Dice and Linux Foundation Report


161006_IrishDev_Dice_Bob-Melk.jpgAccording to a recent report, European open source jobs may be more sought after and more rewarded than anywhere else in the world. These findings were a key feature in the results of The 2016 Open Source Jobs Report which was released by Dice, a career site for technology and engineering professionals in association with The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit advancing professional open source management for mass collaboration.


The report analysed trends for open source careers and the motivations of professionals in the industry and this is the fifth time Dice and The Linux Foundation have worked together to produce this report.


There were four key European findings in this year's reports.

Europeans are more confident than their global counterparts in the open source job market: Of over one thousand European respondents, 60% believe that they would find it easy to find a new position this year, as opposed to only 50% of the global respondents saying it would be easy for them. 50% of European respondents also said that they have received more than ten calls from recruiters in the six months prior to the report. Only 22% of worldwide respondents reported similar interests. Also, 27% of worldwide respondents claim they received no such calls, while only 5% of Europeans reported this.


Application development skills are in high demand in Europe: 23% of European professionals claimed application development as the most in-demand skill in open source positions. Globally, only 11% recognised app development as the most in- demand skill.


Employers in Europe are offering more incentives to hold onto staff: 40% of European open source professionals received a raise and 24 reported more flexible working schedules. This compares to the 31% of global professionals who have received pay increases and the 20% saying that they have flexible or balanced schedules.


More European open source professionals enjoy working on interesting projects more than anything: 34% of European professionals reported that the best thing about working in open source is the ability to work on interesting projects while only 31% of global professionals reported this.



Speaking on the issue Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation seemed unsurprised by the findings."European technology professionals, government organizations and corporations have long embraced open source. The impressive levels of adoption of and respect for open source clearly have translated into more demand for qualified open source professionals, providing strong opportunities for developers, DevOps professionals and others," said Zemlin.


Speaking about the rise in incentives offered to open source professionals Bob Melk, president of Dice showed understanding towards it. "Demand for open source talent is growing and companies struggle to find experienced professionals to fill open roles. Rising salaries for open source professionals indicate companies recognize the need to attract, recruit and retain qualified open source professionals on a global scale," said Melk.


During an interview with Brandon Philips, CTO and Co-founder of CoreOS who was speaking at LinuxCon 2016, he offered his insight into the findings. "For whatever reason, a large culture of open source has developed here in Europe. I think there is a lot more time for European academics to explore open source. The colleges and universities over here (Europe) allows for more breathing room in order to explore open source," said Phillips.


The findings of The Open Source Jobs Report are based on survey responses from more than 4,500 open source professionals worldwide, including 1,082 in Europe.


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