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Google Re-Launch Consumer Barometer

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DateFriday, October 24, 2014

Google Re-Launch Consumer Barometer

Free Online Tool Helps Marketers and Web Designers Understand Internet Users' Behaviour

Google Relaunch Consumer Barometer


Google has relaunched its Consumer Barometer, a free online tool that provides marketers with the most up-to-date digital consumer insight.



Originally created in 2012, the Consumer Barometer has undergone a rigorous make-over. As the results of its recent survey suggest, more and more people are using the internet from their smartphones, and therefore Google have redesigned the Consumer Barometer with this in mind; the presentation of the survey data is easier for users to understand.



The content in its recent iteration, comes from 150,000 adult online users from 46 countries (Full Survey Methodologies). The results will be available in 40+ languages by the end of 2014.



Although the data is point in time, that is to say, 'not live', the tool will help marketers determine insights on their customers or find out about new markets. The results can help users discover everything from: how often people go online, to how many connected devices they may have, how people research and purchase online, how people are watching online videos or the differences between generations and their online behaviour. Vertical sectors currently profiled within the Barometer include: clothing and footwear, home appliances, flights for leisure, hotels for leisure, groceries, mobile phones, make up, car insurance, televisions & cinema tickets.



Commenting on why Google had decided to re-introduce Consumer Barometer, Mark Riseley, the architect of the Consumer Barometer from Google in UK, said: "We're often asked why Google run surveys. The answer is simple. Because they add context to the behaviour of internet users." 



Whilst Consumer Barometer clearly helps marketers and web designers to understand how people are accessing the internet in a fast changing digital landscape, so that they are able to optimise their websites to produce better conversions, Risley added that the countries included in the survey were chosen mainly because Google had a physical presence, and that more countries will be covered by the tool once current fieldwork completed & data is validated.



From a local point of view, Cera Ward, Head of Sales, Google Ireland said: "Irish consumers are online and loving the experience, while many Irish businesses are still playing catch up. However, our Consumer Barometer captures a vast array of new consumer research that will enable Irish businesses to easily explore how consumers are behaving and tailor their business offerings to attract more customers online."


She added: "People use digital media for a lot of different reasons. This free tool will help businesses to determine where to focus their attention. For example, the rise of mobile access to the internet continues with the consumer barometer showing that in Ireland 23% of Irish people researching a recent purchase online used a smartphone to do this. 21% of Irish people researched online only before making their last purchase versus the European average of 18%."


She concluded: "The research also shows that the Irish online consumer is unforgiving. If issues are encountered while accessing websites via a smartphone 25% will find another site that works better rather than trying on another device. This shows that as a business in Ireland if you don't have a mobile strategy in place you're losing a quarter of the potential online buyers in market!"




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