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Startup Stops Car Thieves in Tracks

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DateWednesday, October 22, 2014

Startup Stops Car Thieves in Tracks

StartupTracknStop Launches in Irish Market for Owners to Track Movements and Stop Vehicles Remotely


TracknStop Co-Founder Stephen KehoeAn Irish start-up, TracknStop, has emerged from claiming to be the first company in the world to combine cutting edge software and GPS hardware which not only tracks a vehicle's movements, but has the ability to stop them in their tracks.



The product, which is discreetly installed under the dashboard of customers' cars, has the ability to disable the ignition if a vehicle is stolen so the next time the car is turned off it will not restart. TracknStop software is also able to signal the in-­vehicle hardware to impact on the vehicle's fuel supply to bring it to a stop in a safe and controlled manner.



The GPS element of the device enables its effective operation in remote areas, and the use of Geo-fencing alerts owners if the vehicle strays from its' pre-defined routes, destination and locations. The service is available on any internet enabled device, including smart televisions, smartphones and tablets.


TracknStop has patent-pending applications for its technology.



In 2012, over 7 million cars were stolen worldwide, and TracknStop aims to put a dent in these figures. Currently in beta-testing, the company plans to employ 30 people in the area of sales and support, and will indirectly employ 80 people through production.



Stephen Kehoe, who co-founded TracknStop with Michael Doherty, said: "TracknStop is delighted to officially launch this unique and innovative product into the Irish market. This is the first time this form of telecommunications and technology has been used with a tracking device. I brought this idea to Big Dog Digital in Dublin and the team there used high-end technology to design and build the software. We are very excited about this product and the peace of mind it will bring to customers. There is a demand for this type of product, as every year over one million cars are stolen in Europe."



TracknStop has been chosen for the Alpha start up program and has also been shortlisted for the Alpha Pitch at the Web Summit.

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