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DubJUG March - Tom Peck / Lightbend

Time18:15:03 Phone
DateThursday, March 30, 2017 Web
VenueTechMeetup.Space, Dublin 2 Email


Dublin  Java User Group





Tom Peck / Lightbend

lagom - The Opinionated Framework for Java and Scala Developers



Dublin_Java_User_Group_Tom_Peck.jpgOn Thursday March 30th, we're privileged to welcome back Tom Peck, who will present lagom, Lightbend's newest member of their open source family.



Tom Peck @tomp3y is a a long-term Scala enthusiast, software engineer, tech lead, architect, geek and teacher. He currently works at Lightbend, and was previously developing at EA and McLaren.



He lives just outside of London in the UK with his wife and two kids and when not building software he enjoys building stuff out of wood instead.





lagom - The Opinionated Framework for Java and Scala Developers

lagom is powerful, opinionated and here to help you break apart your monolith.


According to Lightbend's Kathleen Hayes, “What we observed was that while many companies had unlimited engineering resources and talent, the far greater pool of Java developers needed a more opinionated framework — specifically for Java — that enabled the construction of microservices built to run and scale on the JVM.”



In Tom's presentation, which you can be assured will also be powerful and opinionated, you will learn:


  • The limitations of a traditional, synchronous microservice architecture
  • How we can decouple our services for better resiliency
  • The beauty of a message driven architecture
  • How lagom can make you more productive


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The Dublin Java User Group is a resident of, a venue in Temple Bar Dublin designed specifically as a boutique meetup space for specialist software, web, digital and technology meetups. Aside from carefully selected technology presentations, we almost always have Irish craft beer, non-alcoholic drinks, and pizza - you can be assured of a great time in a great community!






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tcube_200_x_100.gifDATE & TIME: 30th March 2017 / 18:15

VENUE:, Next to Palace Bar, Fleet St, Dublin 2




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